10. Alice Walton

Alice Walton is one of the rare women who has achieved the pinnacle of success in her work, much like her male counterpart on the list of the top ten wealthiest Americans.

9. Steve Ballmer

American businessman and investor Steve Ballmer led the Microsoft Corporation for 14 years.

8. Sergey Brin

American computer scientist Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin is the co-founder of Google and president of Google's parent company, Alphabet, Inc.

7. Larry Page

Google, the top-ranked search engine in the world, is co-owned by Lawrence Edward Page, also referred to as Larry Page.

6. Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison, sometimes known as Lawrence Joseph Ellison, is the CEO of Oracle Corporation and an American-born business magnate. In 1977, he established Oracle Corporation.

5. Warren Buffet

Warren Edward Buffet is listed as the fifth richest person in the United States.

4. Mark Zuckerberg

One of the most powerful and wealthy people in the world at a young age is Mark Zuckerberg. He is one of Facebook, Inc.'s co-founders.

3. Bill Gate

Bill Gates, also known as William Henry Gates III, is an American-born software genius, investor, and business magnate who has amassed a sizable fortune over the years.

2. Elon Musk 

The second-richest individual in the USA right now is Elon Musk. He is not only the richest person in the world, but he is also the second richest.

1. Jeff Bezo

With a net worth of $200 billion, Jeff Bezos is currently the richest person in the USA.