Full form of pnr in railways

Full Form of PNR in railways

Today we are going to discuss about “full form of PNR in railways“.Whenever you book tickets from the railway to go to any place, then you are given a PNR number in your ticket.

Do you know what is PNR ?

Do you know PNR full form ?

full form of pnr

What is a PNR number?

Whenever you book a train ticket, a PNR number is generated for your ticket. Only one unique PNR number is created for a ticket, which means that the PNR number written on your ticket will not be in any other ticket. Saying in easy language, the PNR number of all tickets taken out by the railway is different.

full form of pnr

full form of pnr is “Passenger name record“. The 10 digit PNR contains all the information related to your journey. Railway staff can extract all the information related to your journey only from your PNR.

What is the use of PNR number?

The PNR number is 10 digits which is made up of three and seven digits. For example 123-4567890
You can check the status of your booking from online IRCTC website using PNR number. Your seat is still waiting or has been confirmed, you can know all this information with the help of PNR number in your laptop or computer or phone sitting at home.

How long are PNR numbers valid?

Generally, the Passenger name record or PNR digit becomes meaningless after the completion of the journey. PNR details may not be available to the public when the trip is completed for passenger privacy and security concerns.
However, the PNR number lasts for a minimum of 9 months. Because the TDR can take a maximum of 9 months. than after the database is deleted.

Frequently asked Questions

1. What is the full of PNR in Railways?

Answer: Passenger name record

2. How many digits are there in PNR?

Answer: 10

3.How to check PNR Status?

Answer: You can check the PNR by visiting official sites of IRCTC ( irctc.co.in ).
Open irctc.co.in in your browser and enter your PNR details.
You will get the results in which you can see your ticket is confirmed or not. you can also see your berth and coach details.
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