Spiritual meditation brings in self-awareness and relaxation for the mind.

It also aids in the development of our creative powers, the development of a happy outlook on life, and the connection with the world around us.

Spiritual meditation is a type of meditation that assists us in connecting with our inner selves and subsequently with the global awareness.

"Through spiritual meditation, we have a sense of oneness with the world, with the universe," spiritual guru AiR Atman in Ravi stated in an interview with HT Lifestyle.

We are filled with divine serenity and joy. As a result, spiritual meditation is more than just a mind-calming or relaxation technique."

Spiritual meditation is a state of awareness, thoughtlessness, silence, and contemplation that allows us to understand ourselves more clearly.

AiR Atman in Ravi further added that the sole focus of spiritual meditation is to calm the mind and to discipline it by eliminating the noise that surrounds us. 

We may bring the mind to perfect silence through tremendous consciousness, which helps us connect with ourselves more.

Often, due to the hustle of life, our mind feels stress, anxious and worries. We can make the mind feel at ease and happy by practising spiritual meditation.