"Drinking water aids weight loss," "warm water melts stubborn fat," "the more water you drink, the faster you will lose weight," and so forth.

Water by itself has no weight-loss properties. When combined with various herbs and spices that contain chemicals that aid in weight loss, water aids weight loss.

No. It is not. Anything that is overdone has a negative effect. If you consume more water than your body needs, you may develop a disease known as water poisoning.

There are some who can get by with only 6 glasses of water each day, and then there are those who use more than 8 glasses per day.

In nature, water is filling up. Drinking water before meals is recommended for people who are trying to lose weight because it might assist reduce the portion size of the meal.

Many of us confuse water intake with hydration. Hydration is essential to the body. Through water intake we provide hydration to the body. 

While there is a general rule for water consumption, most people drink water according to their own needs.

There are several ways of having water other than having a glass of water: having fruits like watermelon that contain lots of water, having salad of cucumber and tomatoes which consist of lots of water.