In our opinion, USAA is the best insurance provider. According to our survey from 2022, USAA customers are the most satisfied, and they are the most willing to renew their insurance and refer USAA to other drivers. In our survey, USAA had the lowest rates, exceeding the national average by 35%.

In our study, State Farm came in second, with above-average marks in each subrating category. State Farm provides competitive rates as well, ranking third in our list of the Cheapest Car Insurance Companies of 2022. It is the finest insurer for drivers who aren't qualified for USAA membership because of its high scores and inexpensive premiums.

Farmers gets high marks for customer service and claims management, which helps them tie for third place this year. It also ranks third in two of our subrating categories, Customer Service and Claims Handling, and outperforms the industry average in Customer Loyalty and Most Likely to be Recommended.

Since our 2021 review, Nationwide has risen two spots to tie for third place. Nationwide has the second-highest Customer Loyalty and Most Likely to be Recommended subratings, as well as above-average scores in every other subrating category.

Last year, Geico was ranked third, and in our 2022 analysis, it is tied for third. Their higher-than-average customer service score undoubtedly contributed to its ranking this year.

This year, Allstate climbed three spots to No. 6, up from No. 9 last year. It scored slightly below average in most of our subratings, but that didn't stop it from being ranked fourth in our Most Likely to be Recommended category.

Travelers also made some progress this year, moving up two spots to a tie for sixth place.

In our study, Progressive is ranked eighth. Customers are generally delighted with the ease with which they may open a policy, however Progressive ranks last in our Best for Customer Loyalty category and scores below average in every other sub-rating in our study.

AAA is a newcomer to our list of the Best Car Insurance Companies, and it is tied for eighth place with Progressive. In every category we looked at, it scored below average.

This year, American Family has slid four positions to No. 10 in our rankings. In most subrating categories, it gets the lowest scores, yet in our Best for Customer Loyalty area, American Family has a slightly higher score than Progressive.