Top 10 Secure Computing Tip

Written by Hitesh Patel

October 12, 2022

Tip #1

Keep software up-to-date

It's crucial to install software updates for your operating system and apps. For your devices, always apply the most recent security updates.

Tip #2

Practice good password management

You can save secure, one-of-a-kind passwords for all of your accounts by using a password manager.

Tip #3

Avoid Phishing scams 

To deceive you into disclosing personal information like your login ID and password, banking, or credit card information, cybercriminals will try their best.

Tip #4

Be careful what you click

Avoid downloading software from unreliable sources or going to unfamiliar websites.

Tip #5

Never leave devices unattended

Your gadgets' technological security and physical security are both equally crucial.

Bonus Tip #1

Safeguard Protected Data

Know the limits that apply to any Protected Data you may encounter.



Use mobile devices safely

Anti-malware protection

Back up your data

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