1. Cristina Villega

She has 1.65 million subscribers who watch her videos where she talks about makeup, clothes, shoes, and even plastic and aesthetic operations. She also talked about her experiences as a stripper and pole dancer, baking gingerbread cookies, Christmas decor, and a variety of other daily activities this year.

2. She Hawaiin – RAYSOWAVYY

Raynesha Lewis is a Chicago-based YouTuber that posts videos of her daily activities, pranks, specials, singing, dancing, travelling, and a variety of other interesting games on her channel.

3. JiBrizy

He is a well-known magician who has 280,000 subscribers. He claims he can read minds, and do magical tricks, but also, you can find many prank videos, podcasts, walking through the town and surprising the people, or even singing and recording music videos. 

4. Hailey Lainee

Her channel is called The Laine Family because she is a new mommy. She is now sharing her experiences as a mother. She used to post a lot of pregnancy-related videos, make-up tricks, travel vlogs, dancing, curly hair advice, and various hacks and tutorials before that.

5. Robert Loyale

Even though he is pretty new on the network, he already has more than 62K subscribers. Robert is using this platform to promote his custom T-shirts, designs, shoes, and marketing and pricing tricks. 

6. VibeBrit

Another YouTube channel dedicated to lifestyle videos. She's new there, but many people saw her potential right away, especially when she posted her first farting video or begged for a new iPhone. She hasn't been active in recent months, but she's definitely working on something amusing for her return.

7. Just Nakita Vlog

She makes incredibly long videos, like 10 or 20 minutes, in which she teaches people essential life, relationship, and family lessons. And the best part is that, despite being one of many similar themed channels, her formula continues to draw a sizable audience.

8. Mackenzie Davie

DancingWithMackenzie is a YouTube channel where she posts videos about her ballet career. She also discusses what a ballerina eats, how her life is going, her favourite makeup brands, skincare routines, and fascinating times with her boyfriend, in addition to the dancing.

9. Shaun Rodriguez

He goes by the name Sharney Rod on YouTube, and on his channel, he posts some contentious films about drug and alcohol use. His Instagram bio, on the other hand, portrays him as a skilled skater who prioritises his health.

10. Abbey Strohmeyer

She is a makeup artist who is open to trying new products, changing her appearance, applying a lot of cosmetics to her face, and sharing her thoughts on various items. Her videos are definitely entertaining, despite the fact that her Instagram viewership is far larger than YouTube's.