The Kerala Backwater

The Kerala Backwaters are a network of interconnecting rivers, lakes, inlets, and canals that extend over 900 kilometres parallel to Kerala state's coast in south India.

The Konkan

Three Goan, Karnataka, and Maharashtra coastal districts collectively make up the Konkan. The beaches of Tarkali, Alibaug, Dapoli, and many more locations are among India's most stunning and spotless.


The smallest Union Territory in India is called Lakshadweep. The region only covers 32 km2 in total. The name Lakshadweep is derived from "Lakshadweep," which in Sanskrit means "one lacs islands."

The Belum Cave

In the Andhra Pradesh state, in the Belum village of Kolimigundla Mandal, district Kurnool, lie the Belum Caves.

Lake Dal

DAL Lake in Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is the second-largest lake in the state.

Andaman and Nicobar

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a series of archipelagic islands in the Bay of Bengal, situated between the Indian Peninsula to the west and Burma to the north and east.


The largest river island in the entire world is called Majuli. It is confined to the Brahmaputra. The best work of God is the natural world, with its expansive blue skies, flowing rivers, and stunning landscapes.

Spiti Valley

The Spiti valley, also referred to as "Little Tibet," is situated between Tibet and India. This name, "Spiti," is Native American for "Mid Land."


The Indian desert city of Jaipur, often known as the Pink City because of the pink walls and buildings in the ancient city, attracts tourists with its startling relics from a bygone era.


There is no need to explain its radiant splendour, and the tall hills are always delivering engaging tales.