1. El Dorado State Park

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers constructed this 8,000-acre reservoir with nearly 100 miles of shoreline as a flood control measure, and it was finished in 1981.

2. Kansas Oil Museum

Visit this museum on a sizable site on the east side of downtown to learn more about El Dorado's oil boom.

3. Downtown El Dorado

Perhaps the first thing you'll notice about El Dorado's historic centre is how simple it is to walk to the greatest parts.

4. Coutts Museum of Art

Excellent art museum run by former Eldorado lawyer Warren Hall Coutts II is located at the former Butler County State Bank building in downtown.

5. El Dorado Bike Trail

This trail, which is just under four miles long, is the best way to get to El Dorado State Park.

6. Walnut River Brewing Company

At the south end of downtown, there is a flourishing craft brewery for those who favour high-quality beer.

7. McDonald Stadium

A magnificent hometown ballpark that opened in 1940 is only a short distance from the centre of El Dorado.

8. BG Products Veterans Memorial Sports Complex

On the western edge of El Dorado, Butler Community College has a strong athletic department.

9. El Dorado Main Street Sculpture Program

A permanent public art display along Main Street and parts of Central Avenue gives downtown El Dorado a touch of sophistication.

10. El Dorado Municipal Pool

The pool is open from Tuesday through Sunday from Memorial Day weekend through the end of the academic year.