Golden Rule Tattoo 

It's important to note that having tattoos is highly addictive. At Golden Rule Tattoo, this is especially true. This is due to their commitment to being clean, friendly, and professional. The creative designs and world-class tattoo artists at Golden Rule have set the bar for tattoo parlours in Arizona.

Living Canvas Tattoo

Living Canvas holds the distinction of being Tempe's first tattoo parlour. Several factors contribute to this lifespan. For starters, they have a friendly crew who strives to make the tattoo process as painless as possible.

High Noon Tattoo

High Noon Tattoo provides everything a tattoo parlour should have. They have a nice atmosphere, friendly employees, and a clean space. That isn't even taking into account their talented painters. Each member of the team is capable of working with a wide range of styles and designs, from simple line work to massive custom projects.

Broken Clover

Broken Clover is Tucson's best-kept tattoo secret, according to the shop's owner. This is due to the fact that their parlour is difficult to locate. The only indicator that you're in the proper place is a neon "tattoo" sign in the window, which they normally keep locked.

27 Tattoo Studio

At 27 Tattoo Studio, there are no one-time customers. That's because this Phoenix tattoo shop is famed for getting even the tiniest details right. They have fantastic music playing in the background. Their studio is immaculate.

Enchanted Dragon Sierra vista

You'll probably want someone who knows what they're doing when it comes to applying hot ink to your body. At Enchanted Dragon, you can relax. Since 1984, this Tucson institution has been tattooing the local community. Since then, they've expanded to five sites, each with its own team of creatives.

Hotrod Tattoo

Hotrod Tattoo is undeniably a fantastic tattoo shop. It's impossible for over 30,000 customers to be wrong. Since 2000, this award-winning Chandler parlour has been a popular hangout. The business itself contains a lounge area, private rooms, and is immaculately clean, all of which add to a relaxing environment.

Inkenstein Tattoo

Inkenstein Tattoo might be the most unique venue in Arizona to get tattooed. In the busy Glendale business sector, the bright green building in a historic house stands out like a sore thumb. Once you're inside, you'll be welcomed by some of the most intriguing art you'll see this side of Halloween.

The Painted Lady

The Painted Lady is completely dedicated to the tattooing procedure. Their parlour is stocked with fresh items and staffed by educated employees. The Painted Lady is known for her daring, bold patterns that aren't found in every store.

Old Town Ink

A tattoo parlour isn't exactly what you'd expect to see in Old Town Scottsdale. Tattoos aren't as well-known as art galleries and good cuisine. However, Old Town Ink demonstrates that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. This parlour is staffed by a small group of committed specialists who are masters of their trade.