Filmmaker Taika Waititi’s dark, playful and even weird sense of humour seems to be at its best in his latest directorial outing Thor: Love and Thunder.

Going by the first reviews of the movie, most film critics had a lot of fun watching Waititi go wild exploring the myth of Thor. 

Variety’s Owen Gleiberman has given 3 stars to Thor: Love and Thunder. 

In his review, he pointed out that the success of Thor: Ragnarok was no fluke.  

The climactic battle, with its shadow monsters, its children caught in the cross-hairs, and its all-for-one exuberance, has a tingly grandeur, and by the end 

I felt something unusual enough to feel at a Marvel movie that it seemed almost otherworldly 

Valerie Complex of Deadline noted that the humour keeps the movie from sinking. 

For every negative mentioned about Thor: Love and Thunder, the comedy, action scenes, and performances keep it from caving.  

Waititi seems to be still finding his footing with this franchise, and it may take him directing another film to find the right balance for these Asgardian heroes.