Tiradito, Montreal's first authentic Nikkei restaurant, combines the two cuisines into small servings that are bursting with taste, colour, and texture. It is situated half a block from the Palais des Congrès.

Le Serpent

There are four categories on the menu at this popular Griffintown restaurant: appetisers, pastas, entrées, and desserts.

Vin Mon Lapin 

The husband-and-wife team of Marc-Olivier Frappier and Vanya Filipovic, who work as the chef and sommelier, respectively, founded Vin Mon Lapin in Little Italy in 2018.


The prix fixe menu at Candide, a restaurant on the south side of St. Joseph's Church, varies every month as a result of chef John Winter-passion Russell's for regional, seasonal, and temporary cuisine.


Toqué! makes a charming initial impression with its floor to ceiling windows overlooking one of Old Montreal's loveliest squares.


L'Express, a vibrant Plateau Mont-Royal landmark, is like a piece of Paris that has been transplanted to Montreal, right down to the accents of the waiters.

Nora Gray

Many Montreal creatives and other restaurateurs consider Nora Gray to be their home away from home. They enjoy the food at this little Griffintown establishment just as much as they enjoy the pleasant bistro ambiance.

Restaurant Provision

At Provisions on the outskirts of Outremont, you're in for a tremendous treat if you enjoy surprises. Hakim Rahal and Pablo Roja, the restaurant's founders and chefs, jot down a list of ingredients on a whiteboard each week.


This Griffintown establishment, which sports a magnificent gilded emblem on the front window, is a must-see.


This isn't your usual greasy spoon pad Thai takeaway place; it's located in La Petite-Patrie.