Tara Sutaria has ten beauty and wellness tips that you can learn from.

Red eyeshadow is a daring but exciting option.

Sutaria likes to use bronzer behind her cheekbones and a shimmering highlight on the tops of them, where light naturally falls.

Sutaria enjoys playing with makeup on her own, despite her experience working with makeup artists and hairstylists.

Sutaria used a black eyeliner to rim her eyes and smoked it down her lower lids while keeping her upper lids bright and sparkly.

Sutaria knows that if she's doing a smoky eye, she'll keep her lipstick colour simple—the actor always chooses one feature to emphasise. She credits a makeup blunder from years ago for her current awareness.

It pays to maintain a lipstick colour that works for your skin tone and needs close by, whether it's a strong red or a glossy pink. "Even if I don't have anything else in my luggage, I always have a lipstick," Sutaria revealed.

Sutaria's high ponytail typically pulls the face up, making it appear tighter and tauter. If you want to do it at home, position it diagonally to your cheekbones and pull it back tight.

While makeup can go a long way, the ideal foundation is a good skincare routine that works for you. Sutaria's definition of consistency is discovering and sticking to a routine she enjoys.