Meet Kanhiya Mittal: The Soulful Voice Behind The Famous Tune “Jo Ram Ko Laye Hain”

Sriganganagar, Rajasthan-born devotional singer, Kanhiya Mittal, who’s presently residing at Chandigarh, has been making waves for his famous bhajan song “Jo Ram Ko Laye Hain” for a while now. 

His song has been empowering all the BJP candidates and serving as a punch line in BJP’s election campaign in the Uttar Pradesh elections. 

This really shows how apt the song must have been for creating a favourable atmosphere for the BJP from attracting engagement on the streets to engagement on social media platforms

This incredibly famous and devotional song has been written and sung by Kanhiya Mittal, a man who is a contractor by profession and a soulful bhajan singer by heart. 

Although Kanhiya is not a BJP worker and the BJP did not approach him to use his bhajan, “Jo Ram Ko Laye Hain”, 

he had no objection as he thought his song was being used with a positive motive that could be helpful in bagging BJP a reputable positioning in the elections.