Woodman’s of Essex: “Chubby’s Original” Fried Clam Plate

Nothing says "summer in New England" like a dish of fried clams, especially if they're served with fries and onion rings.

Kelly's Roast Beef: Roast Beef Sandwich

Roast beef sandwiches are nearly ubiquitous in Massachusetts, particularly on the North Shore, and Kelly's Roast Beef, which started in 1951 on Revere Beach, is the most well-known roast beef establishment.

Yume Wo Katare: Ramen

There are plenty of ramen restaurants in Boston these days, but one of the most interesting is an odd little eatery in Cambridge's Porter Square where patrons stand up and share their dreams after eating large bowls of jiro-style ramen.

Bagelsaurus: T-Rex Bagel Sandwich

Bagelsaurus began as a pop-up at Cutty's in Brookline before establishing a permanent location in Cambridge in late 2014.

Neighborhood Restaurant: Cream of Wheat

Non-Somerville residents may raise an eyebrow when they read that one of the city's most iconic meals is a simple bowl of Cream of Wheat, but anyone who has battled the line for brunch at Neighborhood — ideally on the pastel umbrella-bedecked seasonal terrace — knows the truth.

Union Square Donuts: Maple Bacon Doughnut

Union Square Donuts has grown beyond its original Somerville site, with satellite outlets in Brookline, the Boston Public Market, and Time Out Market Boston, as well as doughnut hole distribution to local companies.

Oleana: Baked Alaska

Desserts have recently gotten a lot of attention in Boston; brilliant pastry chefs are establishing a name for themselves with beautifully arranged, complicated concoctions that often overwhelm the main dishes.

Regina Pizza: The Giambotta

Sure, the Polcari family's Regina Pizza is now a chain with a penchant for opening locations in malls, and Boston's pizza scene has exploded with plenty of new options since Regina's dominance, but the importance of the original North End location of this classic brick oven pizzeria, which opened in 1926, cannot be overstated.

Mike's Pastry: Cannoli

Cannoli is the subject of one of Boston's most heated culinary controversies. Mike's Pastry may or may not always win out in the eyes of locals — you'll get a different opinion from each person you question — but it's been a tourist and Bostonian destination for decades, and there's something about that tied-up white box that always makes you crave a cannoli.

KO Pies at the Shipyard: Irish Beef Stew Meat Pie

You won't find another restaurant in the Boston region quite like this. It's tucked away in Eastie's strangely creative Boston Harbor Shipyard, giving it a hidden gem vibe, and the views of the Boston cityscape are unbeatable.