Hero Splendor Electric Motorcycle Imagined – Up To 240 Kms Range

Today’s day and age is a transition period from fossil-fueled vehicles to battery-powered vehicles.

Switching to electric machines that look different will not be easy. Brand names like Activa, Splendor etc, which are the best-selling two wheelers of India, might get their own electric versions

These vehicles have not become best-sellers overnight. It has taken years. Manufacturers would want their best-selling brands to continue into the future, with electric versions

Automotive Designer Vinay Raj Somashekar has now created a render of Hero Splendor Electric motorcycle.

There is almost nothing random about its design. Every element feels meaningful and purposeful, and the proportions are spot on.

It is this thought process that has led to the interesting new render of Hero Splendor Electric. Vinay has managed to retain most of the signature design elements from the petrol-powered Splendor barring a few key and obvious variations.