Bruce Willis stepping away from acting following aphasia diagnosis

67-year-old Hollywood actor Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with aphasia. The actor's family on Wednesday posted a joint statement on social media announcing his retirement from acting.

Bruce Willis’ family on Wednesday announced that the actor is “stepping away” from his acting career after being diagnosed with aphasia.

According to WebMD, aphasia is a communication disorder that makes it hard to use words. It can affect your speech, writing, and ability to understand language. 

Bruce Willis made his silver screen debut with an uncredited role in The First Deadly Sin. 

He is best known for playing John McClane in the Die Hard franchise. Some of his other popular films include The Fifth Element, Armageddon, The Sixth Sense, The Last Boy Scout, Death Becomes Her, Pulp Fiction and 12 Monkeys. 

Willis was last seen in A Day to Die, which hit screens in March this year. 

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