William Henry Bill Gates III is born in Seattle, Washington, on Friday, October 28, 1955. He helped found Microsoft, the world's largest maker of computer software.

The relationships within the Gates family are warm and close.

When Bill Gates first expresses interest in computer programming, he is just 13 years old.

Bill is doing extremely well at school, but when he's not in his books, he seems disinterested and distant.

Although he enjoys studying a lot, he prefers computers far more than he does studies.

A firm in New Mexico produces the Altair minicomputers.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen's BASIC programme is used by a total of 90% of people, yet only 10% actually pay for it.

Bill Gates and Ed Roberts, the president of MITS, frequently argue over business strategy and the creation of software because of their confrontational personalities.

Gates relocates Microsoft's corporate and business headquarters to Bellevue, Washington, in 1978 so that it is closer to his house.

Nobody needs to introduce Bill Gates because he is well-known.