10. Fort Union Trading Post

The Fort Union Trading Post is a replica of one that once stood here in 1828 and is situated near the Upper Missouri River and the Montana border.

9. International Peace Garden

The International Peace Garden is tucked away in the Turtle Mountains and crosses the line separating North Dakota and Manitoba from Canada.

8. Medora

There are numerous aspects of the old town of Medora that make it worthwhile to visit on its own, despite the fact that many tourists only utilise it as a gateway to the South Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

7. Maah Daah Hey Trail

The 144-mile Maah Daah Hey Trail, which connects Theodore Roosevelt National Park's North Unit and South Unit, is one of the top mountain biking routes in the nation and is a joy to ride.

6. Minot

Due to its quick growth and expansion since its founding in 1886, Minot has earned the nickname "Magic City," which explains the rather haphazard spread of its periphery.

5. Grand Fork

Grand Forks, the third-largest city in North Dakota, is regrettably prone to floods. It is situated on the banks of the impressively called Red River of the North.

4. Bismarck

The urban sprawl of Bismarck, which is still growing, is a little soulless and unsightly, but the city's little centre is a terrific area to hang out; there are many fine restaurants, cafes, and shops, as well as the city's main shopping mall.

3. Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit

The stunning environment and fascinating species make the Theodore Roosevelt National Park a lovely destination.

2. Fargo

Fargo, which was named after the founder of Wells Fargo Bank, is the biggest and most populous city in the state and the cultural and economic centre of North Dakota.

1. Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit

The Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit, located in the North Dakota "Badlands," is the ideal site to visit while exploring the amazing untamed landscapes of the area.