After Losing Their Job, Homeless Couple’s Rajma Chawal Helps Them Earn Rs 60000 a Month

Every afternoon between 12.30 pm and 4 pm, a white Alto car is parked at a junction of Talkatora stadium in Delhi. Karan and Amrita step out and open the dicky, wear their aprons and open shiny steel containers. 

At least 100 customers will be served in a day, some of whom will not be as lucky to taste the delicious food. This repeats every day except Sundays when the duo are closed for business. 

The couple then spent two long months on the streets of Delhi, living out of a car. “We tried to search for jobs during the day, ate at Bangla Sahib and Rakab Ganj gurudwaras to satiate our hunger.  

Amrita says, “We somehow kept ourselves busy during the day but felt lonely and depressed at night. I spent many nights crying and questioning our fate.” 

One evening she realised they could not continue to live like nomads. “We had to do something. I always shared ideas with Karan on taking tuition classes or part-time work for additional income.