Delve in History at Fort Missoula

The Historical Museum at Fort Missoula allows visitors to experience a slice of the west's rich cultural history.

Roll around the Snow in Montana Snowbowl

The snowcapped slopes provide affordable lodging and a slice of heaven for skiers.

Sip Wine and Admire Art at the Montana Museum of Art and Culture

In 2001, the Montana Museum of Art and Culture was designated as a state museum.

Experience the Wilderness at Lolo National Forest

Lolo National Forest, which was established in 1906 and is located in north Missoula, allows you to connect with nature.

Reach for the Skies at the Museum of Mountain Flying

In 1993, Dick Komberec, Stan Cohen, and Steve Smith built the museum to commemorate this.

Experience the Great Outdoors at the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area 

The Rattlesnake National Recreation Area & Wilderness, which spans 61,000 acres, offers visitors a respite.

Learn about Saving Endangered Species Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

With the passage of time, the risk of certain species becoming extinct grows.

Attend One of the Many Events That Take Place at Caras Park

Caras Park is the first place that Missoula residents think of when it comes to festivals, special occasions, and events.

Visit the Iconic Wilma Theatre

Since its construction in 1921, the Wilma Theatre has enhanced the glory of downtown Missoula.

Take a Hike at Mount Sentinel

Mount Sentinel, which stands 1,958 feet tall, overlooks the entire city of Montana.

Check Out Missoula's Party Scene at the Hip Strip

Missoula's Hip Strip, located downtown, appears to be a painted picture, and this is entirely due to its aesthetic aura.

Admire the Beautiful Interiors of Francis Xavier Church

The Francis Xavier Church's design is said to be paradoxical due to the stark contrast between its exterior and interior.

Explore the Garnet Ghost Town

Shifting dates back to the Stone Age; Garnet is one such town that was called home only to be abandoned.

Sip on the Finest Wine at Ten Spoon Vineyard & Winery

No synthetic chemicals or manure are used in the vineyards, and only organic fertilisers are used.

Appreciate the Work of Local Artists at the Missoula Art Museum

The museum hosts a variety of national and international art exhibits that are open to the public.