Capture the Beauty of the Rimrock

The Rimrocks are geological formations that run between Billings and are one of Montana's most popular tourist destinations.

Meet Beautiful Wildlife at ZooMontana

ZooMontana is a botanical garden and zoological area in addition to an animal shelter.

Get a Classic View of the Moss Mansion

The Moss Mansion is located on Division Street and offers classic regality to entangle your royal sense.

Surround Yourself with Natural Beauty at the DanWalt Garden

Have a completely different day in the unique setting of the DanWalt Gardens.

Witness the Mystic Pictograph Cave State Park

The number of pictographs you see here determines your personal events or acts as a foretelling of the future.

Get a Taste of True Art at the Yellowstone Art Museum

Prepare to be blown away by some fantastic contemporary art pieces as well as ethnic or traditional artwork.

See the Exemplary Western Heritage Center

The Western Heritage Center exhibits paintings, exhibitions, and war history.

Sit by Lake Elmo State Park

Lake Elmo State Park, located on Rolling Hills Drive, provides a peaceful escape for all visitors.

Experience Billings' Nightlife at the Local Pubs and Bar

Because Billings is one of Montana's largest cities, its nightlife is quite spectacular.

Have an Active Day at Billings Studio Theatre

Billings Studio Theatre is on Rimrock Road, next to Rocky Mountain College.