Yosemite Falls - California California is full of spectacular waterfalls (and even firefalls!), and while each is extraordinary, there’s one world-famous waterfall that’s truly on another level. 

Palouse Falls - Washington  Quite possibly the most extraordinary waterfall in the country, Palouse Falls looks like something out of a fantasy.  

Multnomah Falls - Oregon  Mighty Multnomah Falls is a vision; a sublime sensory experience. This 611-foot-tall, roaring waterfall is in a league all its own 

Shoshone Falls - Idaho  Shoshone Falls is Idaho's most iconic waterfall, boasting falls that are higher than Niagara's 

Lower Falls - Wyoming  Yellowstone National Park is a national treasure and a waterfall chaser's playground. 

Lower Calf Creek Falls - Utah  Located at Utah's Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, you'll find a hidden oasis with a duo of dazzling waterfalls: 

Havasu Falls - Arizona  Located in the arid Arizona desert, within the red, rocky walls of the Grand Canyon 

Fall Creek Falls - Tennessee  Tennessee is a state that's rife with waterfalls, from the cascades that stud the Mississippi to the cavernous expanse of the Great Smoky Mountains.  

Raven Cliff Falls - South Carolina  This 420-foot waterfall in South Carolina cascades gracefully down Raven Cliff Mountain and into the rolling highland hills below.  

Dry Falls - North Carolina  There's no waterfall quite like the majestic Dry Falls, a 75-foot beauty in North Carolina.