Vastu Tips: In which direction of the house should the kitchen be made

kitchen vastu tips in hindi : किचन के लिए ये वास्तु टिप्स आपके बहुत काम के  हैं

Kitchen is an important place of the house. If there is a Vastu defect in the kitchen, then its most negative effect falls on the women of the family.

In which Which side of the home should the kitchen be built in is a very sensitive topic . If there is a Vastu flaw in the kitchen, it will have the most negative impact on the family’s ladies. As a result, various considerations should be addressed when constructing the kitchen, including the following:

रसोईघर का निर्माण वास्तु सम्मत होना क्यों चाहिए

Which side of the home should the kitchen be built in?

  1. The kitchen can be erected in any direction except the north-east, according to Vastu Shastra.
  2. In the kitchen, black granite should not be used. It has an adverse effect.
  3. The kitchen should be at the corner of the house rather than in the centre. After the kitchen, there should be some open space so that smoke, gas, and heat may readily escape.
  4. The kitchen should have ample windows and skylight. The sun’s rays must enter the kitchen; they dispel negativity.
  5. The kitchen should not be constructed beneath the stairwell.
  6. The kitchen and the toilet should not be in the same room. The kitchen and toilet doors should not be facing one other. The negative energy radiating from the toilet, on the other hand, can influence the women of the house.

As a solution, arrange the kitchen in the proper direction;

वास्तु अनुसार घर के किस दिशा या कोण में रसोई बनानी चाहिए?

In which direction of the house should the kitchen be made

if this is not possible, you can eliminate the Vastu flaws by modifying the kitchen’s internal arrangement according to Vastu without causing any sabotage.

Because of this growth in riches and good health, the stove should be kept in the optimum angle in the kitchen, and the person who cooks the meal should also face the east.

वास्तु के हिसाब से इस कोने में होने चाहिए रसोई और बाथरूम -  according-to-vastu-be-it-in-this-corner-kitchen-and-bathroom - Nari Punjab  Kesari

In the north-east, there should be a tap for storing potable water and washing hands.

The orientation of dishwashing in the kitchen is said to be lucky if it faces north-west.

In which direction helpful hints:

If your kitchen isn’t facing the right way according to Vastu, place a red light in the south-east corner of the room and leave it burning all the time to correct the Vastu flaw.

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The kitchen and bathroom should never be in a straight line because it is unhealthy for the family’s health and causes disruption in daily living. If this is the case, store salt in a glass bowl in the bathroom and change it from time to time to avoid this.