Toyota C-HR Will Be Useless in North America after 2022

  • The Toyota C-HR will be discontinued in the U.S. and Canada after 2022, the automaker confirmed to Car and Driver.
  • Toyota also confirmed that the next-gen C-HR will not make it to North America and instead will be sold in Europe only.
  • Previewing the next generation is the C-HR Prologue concept, which shares design cues with the extroverted Toyota bZ concept.

It was fun, it was real, but it wasn’t real fun. The Toyota C-HR, which stimulated our eyes but never our hearts, will be pushing daises after the 2022 model year—at least in the U.S. and Canada. Toyota today confirmed to Car and Driver that its funky subcompact SUV will not return to either market for 2023, effectively ending the model’s North American run after just one abbreviated generation that began back in 2018.

C-HR Exit Stage Left

The death of the C-HR means Americans who want a subcompact Toyota SUV will now be limited to the Corolla Cross, which looks comparatively bland but offers all-wheel drive and improved practicality versus the front-drive-only C-HR. Of course, there’s also the hugely popular RAV4, but its larger dimensions coincide with a higher price tag.

2018 toyota c hr front
2018 toyota c hr rear

During its brief five-year life cycle, the first-generation C-HR captured our attention with its interesting bodywork featuring a determined-looking face, prominent character lines, and an available two-tone roof that ended with an integrated spoiler. Despite its undeniable curbside appeal, the C-HR always stymied our excitement with its snooze-worthy driving demeanor. We won’t bore you with the details, we’ll just point out that the trip to 60 mph took 11 seconds thanks to its indifferent 144-hp four-pot.

Next C-HR Looks Even Cooler

Although the C-HR nameplate will soon cease to exist on our shores, the people across the pond will be getting a second generation. Toyota confirmed that it’ll only be sold in Europe. Based on images that Toyota released of the C-HR Prologue concept (as seen below), the next-gen version looks legitimately rad. With the company’s proclamation that the successor to the original C-HR will be even bolder, we feel confident the production model will look similar to the concept.

toyota c hr prologue concept


Maybe if shoppers in North America had shown the first generation of the quirky subcompact SUV more love, Toyota wouldn’t have axed it. Either way, those who love the look of the next C-HR will likely be satisfied with the company’s upcoming bZ electric SUVs, which share design cues with the Prologue concept.

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