The Computer Accent Explores Beautiful Music With AI [EXCLUSIVE TRAILER]


Screen Rant can exclusively present the trailer for a new documentary, The Computer Accent, which follows the boundary-pushing pop group YACHT.

Screen Rant is pleased to exclusively present a first look at the trailer for the upcoming documentary The Computer Accent, which combines rock music with artificial intelligence. Opening in several cities across the US in October and November, the music documentary follows pop band YACHT as they attempt to merge the concept of artificial intelligence with their creative process. While working on their album, they use every technological tool at their disposal—from data analysis and machine learning to sci-fi instruments and generative composition strategies.


Co-directed and produced by Riel Roch-Decter and Sebastian Pardo as their full-length directorial debut, The Computer Accent dives headfirst into the debate about whether technology helps or hurts the human race, as well as how far art can go into the land of AI before it loses the human touch. YACHT (Young Americans Challenging High Technology) make up an integral part of the film, laying bare how they fed their entire human-made discography through AI in order to come up with their 2019 album Chain Tripping. Audiences can see how art and science blend together in the trailer below.

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In Screen Rant‘s exclusive trailer from The Computer Accent, the musicians debate the significance of technology in everyday life, and how much is too much, as they work their way through the creative process of their album. The thoughtful conversations and experimentation that their music engenders is certain to inspire viewers, and can be seen reflected in the daily advances of the scientific and technological world.

The Computer Accent Highlights The Human Element Of AI

As if to prove their own hypothesis correct, which is that artificial intelligence needs human affection to thrive, the group YACHT remains inextricably linked to The Computer Accent even after its production is complete. As the film opens in major cities, the band themselves will perform live shows in conjunction with the screening. In this way, audiences can see the results of their labor in real-time and decide for themselves if technology and art are a marriage of passion or convenience.

The directing team of Sebastian Pardo and Riel Roch-Decter, meanwhile, have been working together since 2014 when they founded MEMORY. After producing and distributing award-winning films of the fiction and non-fiction variety, they have finally joined forces on the creative end as well.

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The Computer Accent opens theatrically on October 21 in New York and on November 17 in San Francisco & Los Angeles. Film screenings and performances will take place throughout October and November in major cities including Portland, Bellingham, Austin, Minneapolis, and more.


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