The Batman 2 Joker Return Addressed By Barry Keoghan

Actor Barry Keoghan addresses his possible The Batman 2 Joker return, sharing his hopes to come back as the iconic Clown Prince of Crime.

Barry Keoghan, who had a cameo as the Joker in the 2022 hit film, is hopeful for an upcoming reprisal of his role in The Batman 2. The Batman was released to widespread critical acclaim and commercial success, with many audiences praising the film as a worthy successor to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. The film’s focus on a mental battle between Robert Pattinson’s Batman and Paul Dano’s Riddler gave the movie a unique sense of style, bolstered by a dark tone that added to its suspense. Twists to established Batman lore, including Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle’s backstories, added to the unpredictability of the film as well.


In keeping the audience on their toes, the end of The Batman establishes that the Joker is one of Riddler’s cellmates in Arkham State Hospital’s Maximum Security Ward. Portrayed by Barry Keoghan, this version of the Joker appears to be one that has fought Batman before, and may want to join forces with Riddler to fight him again. While Keoghan only appeared at the end of the film, a deleted scene released during The Batman‘s theatrical run saw Batman and the Joker conversing with one another, separated by a pane of glass. The five-minute segment established Joker’s formidability in this universe, hinting at what’s to come between him and Bruce Wayne.

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In an interview with GQ Magazine, Barry Keoghan talked about his aspirations for returning as the Joker in The Batman‘s universe. While he’s yet to be confirmed for the sequel, he hopes to deliver his Joker performance to the big screen again as soon as possible. Check out a segment from the interview below:

Keoghan has not yet been invited back for a sequel but the character, kept under wraps and revealed only when audiences finally saw it in theatres, feels like the set-up of something bigger. “As soon as that call comes,” he insists, “I’m there man, I’m there.”

What Role Could The Joker Play In The Batman 2 Story

While Keoghan hasn’t heard anything yet about his return as the Joker, The Batman 2 is still in early development, leaving the door open for his reprisal. With Gotham facing a floodwater crisis after Riddler bombed the city’s seawall, criminals like the Penguin are sure to be vying for power amid the chaos. Should Joker find a way out of Arkham State Hospital, it wouldn’t be surprising for him to join the fray, adding to the madness Robert Pattinson’s Batman would have to work to put a stop to for the sequel.

Keoghan’s excitement for his future Joker return in The Batman 2 is a positive sign for viewers who want to see his version of the character expanded upon in upcoming films. It’s possible audiences will watch him work his way through Gotham’s criminal hierarchy, interacting with other villains while becoming another force for Bruce Wayne to reckon with. Given the pair’s unseen past together, it should also prove compelling to see how viewers will be filled in on what landed Joker in Arkham prior to The Batman, should Reeves elect to do so with the sequel. There are plenty of stories left to be told with Keoghan’s Joker, all of which would make for exciting additions to The Batman‘s universe.

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