Surat NagarPalika’s exercise to include two new municipalities and 27 gram panchayats in six zones continues

Surat NagarPalika’s exercise to include two new

 municipalities and 27 gram panchayats in six 

zones continues

Surat Nagarpalika expansion
Surat. The state government has included 27 gram panchayats and 
two municipalities in the Surat Municipal Corporation. Based on this notification, as per the order of Surat Municipal Commissioner, a notification issued by Urban Development and Housing, Gandhinagar has included a total of 31 villages of 2 Municipalities and 27 Gram Panchayats in Surat Municipal Corporation. With this in mind, the zonal chief of the cost zone has been asked to take action to charge all types of records (equipment), dead stock etc. of the villages. The corporation began to take possession Sachin Manpalika and Kanakpur Nagarpalika have been included in Surat Municipal Corporation. So both the offices were sealed from yesterday. In the morning the staff arrived on time. However, the employees of the corporation reached and took possession of both the municipalities and opened the seal. Names of villages included in North (Katargam) zone North (Katargam) zone includes Segwa-Syadla, Vaswari, Gothana, Umra, Bharthana Kosad. Village included in South (Udhana) zone The South (Udhana) zone includes Pardi Kande, Talangpore, Pali and Umber villages. Also included in Schedule A Mujb Kansad and Sachin. South West (Eighth) Zone According to the new notification, only onion pods have been included in the South West (Athwa) zone. West (Rander) Zone After the extension, Bhatpore, Bhatha, Ichchapore, Bhesan, Bhesan, Okha, Wankala, Vihel, Chichi and Asarma (Malagama gram panchayats) of Bhesan group gram panchayat have been included. East-B (Varachha B) Zone Pasodra, Kathodra, Valak, Velanja, Abrama, Bhada, Kathor, Khadsad, Laskana have been included in Varachha Zone B. South East (Longevity) Zone The newly included village Tarki Saniya-Hemad has been included in the South East Zone. South East (Longevity) Zone Kumbharia and Saro are now included in the south east zone of the municipality following the extent expansion.