Study How To Suture – Greatest Suture Methods and Coaching

Learn the best basic suture techniques from board-certified and world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Zenn. Subscribe for New Videos: https://bit.ly/3chp13f

0:51 Instrument Tie
2:56 Simple Interrupted Tie
4:36 Simple Buried Suture
6:17 Vertical Mattress Suture
8:09 Horizontal Mattress Suture, Figure-of-8, Half Buried Suture
10:54 Simple Running Suture
12:55 Simple Running Locking Suture
15:06 Subcuticular Running Suture

Presented by Dr. Zenn and Zenn Plastic Surgery:

Demonstration of all the technical aspects you need to cosmetically close all of your open wounds. This video course is narrated by Dr. Michael Zenn and was filmed originally as part of the Duke Suture Skills Program.