Some interesting facts about Pearl V Puri

 Some interesting facts about pearl v puri

Cute chocolate boy Pearl V Puri is one of the leading and most popular Indian TV actors. He has won many hearts with his character of Mahir in Naagin 3. The handsome hunk enjoys a big female fanbase and can make anyone fall in love with him because of his sweet smile. The talented man has many hit serials to his credit such as Meri Sasu Maa, Phir Bhi Naa Nahin Badthamiz Dil and Nagarjuna.

pearl v puri facts

Interesting secrets of his lifestyle are:

  1. Pearl V Puri seems to be Ekta Kapoor’s new favorite on the block. After Naagin 3, she appears in a romantic saga on Colors, Bepanaah Pyaar.
  2.  His favorite foods include sandwiches, chocolate, dal chwal and pani puri to name a few.
  3. For her female fans, we are going to share unknown interesting facts about Pearl V Puri:
  4. His mother named him “Pearl”.
  5. His favorite actors are Amitabh Bachchan, SRK, Robert Downizer and Hrithik Roshan.
  6. When Pearl was in 7th grade, she usually listened to Kailash Kher’s songs which inspired her to write her own songs.
  7. Pearl V Puri was in a 9-year relationship with a girl while living in Agra,
  8. Once he was in the 10th grade. She used to be a devoted fan of Shahrukh Khan, who
  9. Motivated him to pursue his career as an actor.
  10. Pearl V Puri has written over 100 songs.
  11. His father was so upset about his decision to act on a family owned business that he did not talk to Pearl in over 2 years.
  12. Pearl V Puri taught the acting skills of her counselor Anupam Kher from an acting school named Acting Preparation.
  13. All the rumored girls in his life are Asmita Sood, Hiba Nawab and Karisma Tanna.
  14. Pearl is a singer and writer, previously an actor.
  15. He is a big fan of AR Rahman.