October 5, 2022 Hints & Answer


October 5th’s Wordle answer continues the earthy theme with a technical word that describes a type of wet land usually found at the mouth of a river.

October 5th’s Wordle answer continues the theme of nature and has thrown a puzzle at players that might prove challenging. The problem with today’s solution is the position of the one vowel that players may not be able to discover in their first few attempts. However, if players use out-of-the-box guesses, they have a good chance of at least discovering the incorrect position of some letters. From there, players will have to figure out the correct position of at least three letters before they will be able to solve the puzzle. However, if players use clues that might paint a clearer picture, they have a better chance of not sacrificing their daily streak.


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If players are having a tough time solving today’s puzzle, they can try their luck with Wordle‘s hard mode. While this mode is certainly more challenging, it does help in solving complicated words due to the stricter rules. The constraining nature of this mode forces players to use strategic words once they have discovered the correct position of a few letters. In addition, since this mode does not let players use confirmed letters in different spots, it prevents players from making silly mistakes or making random guesses. However, in the long run, players can develop their own strategies using this mode which they easily transfer over to the regular mode. Players who don’t have the time to use the more challenging mode and need some help can use the hints below to solve today’s Wordle puzzle.

Today’s Wordle Hints (October 5th #473)

Using hints for Wordle puzzles has now become the norm due to the game not giving any more hints than the color-changing boxes. However, since Wordle is a vocabulary puzzle, players can use hints for today’s Wordle answer that are somewhat similar to clues seen in crossword puzzles. These hints do not give the answer away and still let players figure out the solution with just a bit of help.

  • Hint 1: a tract of soft wet land
  • Hint 2: usually found at the mouth of a river
  • Hint 3: cows usually graze on this type of land

Today’s Wordle Answer (October 5th #473)

The October 5th Wordle answer is MARSH.

While solving today’s answer, ‘ROAST’ proved to be an excellent starting word as it revealed three letters from today’s solution. However, solving today’s Wordle puzzle did get harder from there as it only revealed the correct position of one letter. But, in our second attempt, we used the strategic word ‘HERSE’ that revealed the correct position of another letter and also led to the discovery of one new letter. From there, the next word, ‘HARSH,’ let us know the correct position of all but one letter. We then solved today’s Wordle puzzle using the word MARSH.

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