Misplaced Ark Foreign money Information – Find out how to use and procure Currencies in Misplaced Ark

So, we’re here with a new video talking about the various currencies in Lost Ark!
It’s basically just a rundown of what they are, how they are used and how you can obtain them. Pretty long video since there’s a long list of currencies in this game!
Big Shoutout to CandyM for making the thumbnail!

As usual, timestamps can be found here :3

Marine Event Guide:

Emerald Shard Guide:

00:00 Intro
00:47 Blue Crystals “Pseudo Cashshop”
05:50 Shillings/Silver
07:55 Gold, the one that has it all
09:45 Lazenis Feathers
10:32 Peons
12:10 Rift Shards
13:23 Pirate Coins
16:40 Courage Tokens/PvP Tokens
18:41 Silmael Crystals/Guild Crystals
19:54 Cornelians/Carnelians
21:30 Voyage Coins
23:30 Esate Orders
26:00 Character Shards
30:00 Outro

Big Shoutout to CandyM for making the thumbnail!

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