Krusty Becomes Pennywise the Clown In Simpsons IT Parody Images


The Simpsons unveil new images for their upcoming full-length parody of Stephen King’s IT. Since its second season in 1990, The Simpsons pick one episode in October to bring viewers into a horrific world beyond Springfield with their Treehouse of Horror specials. The anthological Halloween episode has been a staple of the show throughout its entire 34-season run, and has become a must-see for even fans who have soured on the show in the last two decades. The Treehouse of Horror episodes went from paying homage to horror staples, including The Twilight Zone, King Kong and the works of Edgar Allen Poe, to giving the Simpsons touch to less-horror-themed products such as Avatar, Back to the Future and The Shape of Water.


Prior to The Simpsons season 34, producers unveiled a revolutionary plan to air two Treehouse of Horror episodes. One would be the traditional multi-part Treehouse of Horror that fans have become used to over the years, while the other would be a 22-minute story parodying one property, that being IT. With the fan-following the original 1990 TV special has accumulated, as well as the monstrous success 2017’s IT had with both critics and audiences, the iron is definitely hot for The Simpsons to finally tackle the beloved Stephen King property. Now, Simpsons fans and King fans alike are finally getting a taste of what this special will look like.

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In a press release first reported by Bloody-Disgusting, the first images have been released from The Simpsons’ upcoming full-length Treehouse of Horror IT parody, officially titled “Not IT.” The episode, which will air on October 23 on FOX, will depict Krusty the Clown as a Pennywise-esque entity, terrifying the townspeople of ‘Kingfield’ in two separate eras, and forcing Homer, Marge and their friends to put an end to the evil once and for all. Check out the images above.

What Makes Not IT Different From Other Treehouse Of Horror Episodes

The images for “Not IT” confirm a different approach by The Simpsons’ writers and producers for this specific Treehouse of Horror episode. Aside from its full-length focus on one story rather than three, “Not IT” also continues The Simpsons recent trend of exploring other genres and tones in non-Treehouse of Horror episodes. Last season’s “A Serious Flanders,” which was a two-part homage both to modern Netflix crime dramas and to the works of the Coen Brothers, was a well-regarded success in a season that otherwise went through the motions. Other extended deviations from the usual Simpsons formula, including a Season 32 episode focusing solely on Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers attending a teacher’s convention, have harkened back to the riskier, more consistent days of the ’90s seasons of the show.

Therefore, letting their writers go wild with IT over the course of a full 22-minute episode is arguably one of the best moves The Simpsons’ producers can make right now. While, like other Treehouse of Horror shows, the episode won’t be official canon to the rest of the series, having the show exist in ‘Kingfield’, rather than in the usual Springfieldian setting the show hinges on, suggests an entirely different universe from the norm. Plus, the episode, in devoting the full 22-minute runtime to one story, will forgo the usual problem the specials can have in having one 8-minute segment outweigh the others. And the risk of doing a full Treehouse of Horror style Stephen King parody could lead to more sharp, refreshing ideas that can keep The Simpsons relevant as it continues its long run on network television.

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