Kody & Janelle Browns’ Talk About Their Marriage

On last week’s episode of Sister Wives, Christine Brown announced her separation from Kody Brown, but on the Dec. 4 show, he had some problems with his marriage to Janelle Brown. The two had been arguing prior to the programme over Janelle’s choice to lease an RV to live in while the family was waiting to build on their Coyote Pass property. Kody preferred that Janelle not remain in the RV during this time but instead rent or buy another home. In addition, Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules had caused months of friction between him and his sons, Janelle, Gabe, and Garrison.

Kody and Janelle met to discuss their plans as the 2021 Christmas season drew near. When Janelle brought up Kody’s conflict with Gabe and Garrison, he clarified that the friction was actually brought on by their treatment of his other wife, Robyn Brown. Robyn revealed in a confessional, “I received some texts from Gabe and Garrison, basically blaming me for what was going on with the family. There are certain family members that are reluctance to accept or communicate with other members of the family, Kody said to Janelle. Robyn, a significant other in my life, is fundamentally devoted to me and regards me as the family’s patriarch.

janelle brown
Janelle Brown on the Dec. 4 ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC)

Janelle was shocked by Kody’s comments, which she took to be a simple wish for her to look like Robyn. But he maintained that all he really needed from Janelle was her allegiance. I find it beyond upsetting that he perceives this one wife as being so great, as such a saint, who was so kind to us yet she was treated so incorrectly, said Janelle. Kody has talked about this repeatedly. The victim is Robyn. I don’t see it that way.

Then, according to Kody, Janelle was acting more like a “single woman” than like his wife. I enjoy being autonomous, remarked Janelle. “I don’t know where it started, but I enjoy it. We might have lost something, I get the feeling.

kody brown wives
Kody Brown with all four of his wives. (TLC)

Kody realised something as he persisted in asking Janelle to show loyalty. Maybe this isn’t the right fit, he said to her. “Perhaps this is ineffective.” Janelle cited her sense of loyalty in her explanation. She claimed that because Kody had previously pushed her to be independent, she felt as though the “rules” were altering. In a confessional, Janelle continued, “I never thought I would ever be in a situation where I’d be questioning my relationship. But in recent years, I’ve started to question whether we still get along. Maybe I’ve lost the ability to make this work. I’m not sure if you can suddenly change how our relationship was for 30 years.

Kody acknowledged that Janelle considered him to be her “best friend” and the person to whom she confides everything, and Kody acknowledged that he didn’t want to lose another wife the way he had lost Christine. Janelle said, “I feel like I have to do everything I can to make this work. “I’m not even sure that returning from where we are is possible.”

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