How Viruses useful in daily life?

 How Viruses useful in daily life?

With the advent of virology, researchers have made many uses for these unique organisms. They have been used extensively in medicine and genetic engineering. Some uses of the virus are as follows.
Importance of Virus
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Viruses in biological studies

Viruses have been used extensively in studies of molecular and cellular biology. These viruses offer the advantage of being simple systems that can be used to manipulate and examine the functions of cells.
Viruses have been used extensively in genetics research and understanding of genes and the basics of DNA replication, transcription, RNA formation, translation, protein formation, and immunology.

Virus in medicine

Viruses are being used as vectors or carriers that carry the necessary material for the treatment of a disease into various target cells. He has been extensively studied in the management of inherited diseases and genetic engineering as well as cancer.

Viruses in bacteriophage therapy

These are highly specialized viruses C viruses that can target, infect, and (if properly selected) destroy pathogenic bacteria. Bacteria are believed to be the most common type of virus responsible for most viruses on Earth. These are basic tools in molecular biology. They have been researched for their use in medicine.

Virus in nanotechnology

Nanotechnology deals with microscopic particles. They have various uses in biology and medicine and nanotechnology has been used in genetic engineering. Viruses can be used as carriers for genetically modified sequences of the genome in host cells.

Weapons and viruses in biological warfare

Viruses can be small but can cause death and devastation for large populations in epidemics and epidemics. This has led to concerns that the virus may be used for biological warfare.

Virus in agriculture

Modified and genomic engineering methods can be used to create modified genomes that can be transported to plants and animals by viruses that act as vectors or vehicles. This method can give rise to more productive transgenic animals and plants.

Viruses in cancer prevention and control

Similar modifications to humans (as plants and animals in agriculture) have not been attempted for technical and ethical reasons. But the modification of genes of individuals’ cells has been under investigation for many years. This is known as gene therapy.