How To Make A Impolite Individual Immediately Remorse Insulting You

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Today we’ll go over how to handle it when someone insults you.

We’ll start with a couple classic “destroy” comebacks. These are great at winning over an audience and embarrassing the person who insulted you. Be warned though, they may make the target of your comeback hate you.

Then we’ll cover some friendlier, more charismatic responses so that you come away looking cool and confident without making enemies.


0:00 – Intro
0:17 – #1: The high status reframe
1:40 – #2: Accept the insult and use it against them
2:54 – #3: Insult the insult
3:27 – #4: Draw a boundary
4:31 – #5: The “tit for tat” or “eye for an eye” method
6:25 – #6: Show that you’re unaffected
8:18 – How do I build deep, unshakable confidence?

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