How To Get Your "Fortunately Ever After"

An entire masterclass in love, relationships & getting your “happily ever after”. See below for timestamps & chapters.⬇

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:02 What did Alexis do to change her life?
00:04:09 How did Alexis find true love?
00:05:15 Anna’s advice if you’re feeling stuck
00:07:01 The myth about “leveling up”

00:14:01 How did Alexis meet her fiancé?
00:14:48 Why Alexis go on Tinder specifically?
00:15:24 Who contacted who first on Tinder?
00:15:57 What impression did her fiancé leave on Tinder?
00:16:58 How do Tinder profiles of high quality men look?

00:19:14 What did Alexis’ fiancé write in the first message?
00:19:48 What led Alexis to want to meet him in person?
00:20:19 What motivated Alexis to level up her career?
00:20:59 Can you find quality men on a tiny island?
00:22:01 The BEST location to meet quality men

00:24:12 Was it love at first sight for Alexis?
00:24:55 Tips for success on a first date
00:25:39 How to speak about marriage without looking needy?
00:27:02 When should you set your marriage expectations?
00:28:13 Navigating marriage and babies with men

00:31:15 How is it to date someone with a child?
00:32:49 What made her fiancé stand out compared to other men?
00:34:44 When Anna failed at matchmaking
00:36:06 When he’s “perfect” but it doesn’t work out
00:37:27 A common dating mistake women make!

00:38:26 How a wake-up call can present itself
00:39:05 How to find the strength to walk away a bad relationship?
00:40:50 How to identify a bad relationship?
00:42:23 When he looks perfect on paper, but…
00:45:18 What kind of people achieve success?

00:46:42 Dealing with intimacy fears
00:49:45 How one can resolve all their problems?
00:50:55 Where to meet quality men?
00:52:04 Where Anna thinks you should meet men
00:53:18 How to know if a man is a “quality man”?

00:55:39 The myths about “high-value men”
00:56:25 Why is it so hard for women to meet quality men?
00:57:58 How to find commitment minded men?
01:00:58 Don’t try to be perfect!
01:01:41 How to get in touch with Alexis
01:03:05 Some news from Anna…

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