How to Buy Land On the Moon? Can you buy land Moon or not

How to Buy Land On Moon-It is really possible to buy-What is the cost of land

The country has been left speechless due to the sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. As many of the stories unfolded, Sushant was a natural talent whose expertise not only depended on his entertainment career, but he was highly intelligent with knowledge about quantum physics, stoicism, astrology, and more. Recent news has revealed that the actor owns land on the moon, which has led to a boom in discoveries related to how to buy land on the moon and if a person can buy land on the moon. However, the question still remains whether you can buy land on the moon? Is it possible Is it legal We have summarized everything about it here.

Can you buy land on the moon?

As many people are thinking about owning a piece of land on the moon, it is a matter of concern as it is considered illegal to sell lunar land to anyone. This was in 1967, when three large countries, the Soviet Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom, came up with an international treaty called the Outer Space Treaty, which was followed and upheld by all nations. There were 109 other countries including India who signed the treaty.
How to buy land on the moon
According to the treaty, “the outer space is not subject to national appropriation through the claim, use or occupation of sovereignty, or by any other means”. It prohibits all member states from using outdoor space in any commercial activities. However, there are people including Sushant Singh Rajput who allegedly bought a piece of lunar land. The land of Sushant on the moon is called the Mare Muskovisen or Mus See of Muscovy. There is a lunar land registry portal which allegedly assures people to sell a piece of lunar land.
For all those who say they own a tract of lunar land, claim the property in compliance with Title IV of the Space Resource Exploration and Utilization Act in 2015, which is Section 402 in the USA, stating : “A US citizen who is engaged in commercial. Recovery of an asteroid resource or space resource shall be entitled to any asteroid resource or space resource, including US international obligations”, as applicable, legislation, transportation, use, and applicable law. According Selling “. Non-U.S. Citizens can have lunar assets and resources by contracting a proxy (agent) with US citizenship or commercial rights. However, according to several reports, this bill was never passed in the US Parliament. Did not happen.
Still, “Can you buy land on the moon?” No, as the International Treaty essentially states that all types of extraterrestrial exploration (including lunar exploration) will be for the benefit of all mankind. It is also clearly stated that no person can buy a piece of lunar land and call it on his or her own. This means that buying land for lunar land registry and private ownership of the moon is impossible and illegal according to the Outer Space Treaty of many countries. But, there are still agencies like The Lunar Registry which are allegedly selling astronomical land and we know some Indians like Rajiv V Bagdi and Sushant Singh Rajput who have bought lunar land from such a portal.