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Everyone worries about old age and HOW TO BECOME BILLIONAIRE. Thus, if You can also take care of your old age safely and financially.
If you want to keep, then you should start preparing for it now. That is, you have to invest from the very beginning of the job.
should be understood. Let us tell you today one such Option in which you can get the best pension by making small investment and can make your old age safe.

  • Arrangement of pension from SWP

One such investment you need to make savings for old age there is a need, in which the returns are also good and the share market risks are also reduced.

All of you SIP means Systematic Know about the investment plan, in which you can invest every month
invest some money, but we tell you the exact opposite

Going to tell about SWP i.e. Systematic Withdrawal Plan
from which you will get the amount every month, consider it as a pension
Take it.

We are here to tell you how for every 20 years Next 20 on doing monthly SIP of 5 thousand rupees in a month
For a year, you can get 35 thousand rupees pension for yourself every month.
Can make arrangements.

Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)

Smart investing: Take SWP route in mutual fund for regular income - The  Financial Express
  • Through Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP), the investor has a fixed
  • The amount is withdrawn from the mutual fund scheme. in how much time
  • The investor himself decides how much money to withdraw.
  • Under SWP, this money is given daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6
  • Can be withdrawn on a monthly basis or on an annual basis..
  • The investor decides for himself.
  • Under SWP, this money is given daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6
  • Can be withdrawn on a monthly basis or on an annual basis.
  • The investor wants to withdraw only a certain amount or else he wants
  • So capital gains on investment can be withdrawn.

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

SIP Investment Tips: SIP शुरू करते समय रखें इन बातों का खयाल, वरना झेलना  पड़ सकता है भरी नुकसान , Tips to make SIP without loss
  • Mutual Funds under Systematic Investment Plan Instead of investing lump sum money in the scheme of Investment facility is available. every month in a scheme
  • You can decide for yourself how much to invest. Its The advantage is that here your entire money is blocked even at one go.
  • Does not happen. Rather, you can invest in it monthly at your convenience.
  • Can do Along with assessing the returns from time to time
  • It is also possible to increase or decrease SIP.

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