How to attract BOXY BOO (Undertaking: Playtime)

I show you how to draw and paint Boxy Boo, the colorful jack-in-the-box toy from Project: Playtime (an asymmetric multiplayer of Poppy Playtime / Chapter 3), whose main body is a light blue square box, a wind-up crank on one side, feet and head are cubical and its “fur” is red. Boxy Boo’s eyes are big and dilated, just like Huggy Wuggy’s. It has claws on its feet and hands and has curved sharpened teeth. Its limbs are dark-red metallic springs.

For this drawing I have only used alcohol-based markers and a couple of rulers, one line and one of circles for the eyes.

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👉 More videos: https://youtube.com/@Drawbook