How one can develop papaya tree from papaya fruit for novices

Papaya is a large herbaceous plant. Papaya fruit is round, long, soft when ripe, brown or black seeds depending on the variety, with many seeds
The process of soil preparation should pay attention to adequate fertilizing. As a result, the increase in porosity and soil fertility is ensured as required. The priming should be done fully for each root so that the papaya tree has the conditions to grow up healthy. Perform soil preparation and fertilizing about 10 days before planting to create conditions for plants to grow up healthy and develop comprehensively.
The stage of fertilizing papaya trees is done at the time of soil preparation, before starting to plant trees. Requirements for fertilizing papaya soil need to use from 1 to 3 kg of Organic 1 organic fertilizer, or use Organic Gold organic fertilizer for each root.
Fertilization phase 1: Use the NPK 20-20-15+TE fertilizer to apply the first time to papaya trees with the amount of 0.5 – 1kg/plant/time after planting about 1 month. Maintain regular fertilizing about 7 days / time at this stage.
Fertilization phase 2: At the tree stage about 3 months, the second phase of fertilization should be done with the amount of fertilizer 0.5 – 1kg/plant/time NPK 20-20-15+TE fertilizer with a frequency of 15-20 days/ time.
Fertilization phase 3: When the tree is 3-7 months old, it is necessary to fertilize once a month with NPK 16-9-21+TE fertilizer or NPK Seven fruit trees with the applied dosage of 0.5-1kg/tree/time. .
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