How one can create a ballot on Fb

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Do you want to create a poll on your Facebook business page or fan page or Community page? You can create a poll and post it on your page but for that, you should be an Admin of a Facebook page. Follow the steps as shown in this video.
1. Log in to your Facebook account.
2. Click on Pages on the left sidebar.
3. Click on a Page that you manage.
4. Under the Manage Page, click on Publishing Tools on the left sidebar.
5. Click on Create Post button.
6. A new Facebook create post window will open.
7. If you won’t find the Poll option in then go to Settings at the bottom right.
8. Click on the Settings gear icon, and then click on the Classic post creation tool.
9. This will open an old Create Post tool window.
10. Click on the three horizontal dots.
11. Now, you can see the Poll button in the list.
12. Click on it to create a new Poll.
13. Write a question that you want to ask from your target audience.
14. Write an option in Option 1 and Option 2 fields.
15. Click on the drop-down list below the Options field, and select a duration time to open the Poll on your post.
16. You can also Schedule the Poll post date and time or can post it immediately by selecting an option.
17. Click on the Share Now button, and this will post your Poll on your Facebook page.

See, this wasn’t hard at all. Thanks for watching!
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