Guns and Gulaabs Movie Review

There is a series called Guns and Gulabs on Netflix which is a dark comedy gangster drama in Raj and D’s style. Raj and D’s are the same people who made the best series like Farze and Family Man and this time they have brought us the 90’s era. And if you are a 90’s kid, first watch this review and then decide for yourself whether this web series is for you or not. Well, hello, my name is Yogi and we will meet again and again. Guns and Gulabs is a series of 7 episodes where every episode is almost 45-50 minutes long and the last episode is 80 minutes long.

It will take you almost 5.5-6 hours to binge watch this series and finish it. Now, whether you will binge watch it or not, that’s your choice. But to be honest, I enjoyed binge watching this show. Especially, the climax episode of this episode, even though it’s around 80 minutes long, but there are so many twists and turns in that one episode that it will blow your mind. I appreciate the storytelling process of Raja and DK that all the characters introduced in this movie will always be remembered by you.

Guns and Gulaabs Official Trailer

Every character has been developed in such a good and simplified way that even a normal audience can easily connect. And when characters understand each other well, then it is not difficult to understand the story. The story is of Gulabganj and Sherpur. And at both places, there are different gang leaders and their gang, who don’t get along. And in the meantime, there is a little bit of narcotics. So, the story is not spoiled much. But in this story, you will definitely get the nostalgia of the 90s nostalgia. Because to show that era, they have not left anything out in the production.

From the characters’ hairstyles to their clothes, background music, old tape recorder cassettes, old-fashioned STD booths, coin boxes, vehicles used in the entire series, cricket commentary on the radio, etc. All these little things that have been given attention, have made the 90s life in this series. All the actors in the series have given a great performance. And the cast of this series has quite big names. Dulkar Salman, Raj Kumar Rao, Adarsh Gaurav, Satish Kaushik, Gulshan Devaia and Gulshan Devaia bhai saab, I have never seen such a mind-blowing acting of a contract killer in any film or series.

But I want to ask Raj and DK one thing, that what was the point of giving these flash powers to Gulshan Devaiah’s character? Because the way you have told them while running, if you show it in a supernatural film or series, it will look good. But there is nothing like that in this, so why? Rest, if you watch the series. Because the series belongs to a comedy gangster genre, there are good dialogues and situations in this series which turn serious situations into comedy. Just like if you have seen the movie Delhi Belly, the humor of this movie is similar.

Dark satire comedy with gangster drama. Even in this whole story, you can see the character of Mirzapur’s character and their presentation and storyline in the entire story. I am not comparing, I am just trying to tell you what Guns N’ Gulabs wants to show you. Although the series is on Netflix, it doesn’t have any nudity. It doesn’t have a simple kiss. But unfortunately, the words in the series will be in the form of words. So, you decide whether you want to watch it with your family or not. Yes, bloodshed, gang war, fights, fights, fights, this is a lot, so kids should stay away from it. But if you are planning to watch a series with friends, then this is the best option for you.

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