Foreign Minister Pompeo says Chinese troops increased pressure on Indian border, taking advantage of our humility.

Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo targeted China for India-China Conflicts

New York.  The US has targeted China again. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo has said that the Chinese Communist Party has not only adopted a bad attitude in the neighborhood, but is also conducting cyber campaigns in the United States and Europe with malicious intent. He said China was trying to increase tensions on the border with India, the world’s largest democracy. Even in the South China Sea they are wrongly expanding their area.
India-China war

Pompeo said China lied about the corona virus and then spread it to the rest of the world. He has also pushed the World Health Organization (WHO) to cover up his conspiracy. China is spreading false propaganda through cyber campaigns between America and Europe to weaken the governments here while pushing the developing countries under the pressure of their own debt and dependence.

China took advantage of our humility

Pompeo addressed a video conference on the challenge of Europe and China at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2020 on Friday. “Western countries hope for years that they’re going to change China’s communist ideology and improve the lives of its people, but the Chinese government has always taken advantage of our humility,” he said.

Martyred Indians mourn for soldiers

Pompeo tweeted a day earlier to pay tribute to the 20 Indian soldiers who were martyred in the Galvan Valley. “We express our condolences on the martyrdom of Indian soldiers within the recent dispute with China,” he wrote. We will always remember those soldiers whose families, personal relatives and loved ones are in mourning.

Virtual meeting between Nepal and China

Navpal and the Communist Party of China held a virtual meeting on Friday. It discussed the current political situation and the Corona virus epidemic. Communist Party of Nepal (NCP) president Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Deputy Prime Minister Rishar Pokhrel were joined by other senior leaders.