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How to care for Phalaenopsis orchids at home

2.1. Select a seedling
Currently, the gardens for Phalaenopsis orchids choose to nurse the flowers. In addition, if you know how to make use of Phalaenopsis orchids at home, you can separate plants or propagate from seedlings.

Choosing Phalaenopsis orchid seedlings should choose plants with strong roots, large, green leaves are firm stems. Thus, planting trees will increase the survival rate. Limit weak seedlings, unstable stems and roots that rot when young.

2.2. Preparing the growing medium for phalaenopsis orchids
The next step after having selected Phalaenopsis orchid seedlings is the selection of orchid growing medium. Note that the orchid growing medium must have good water retention and moisture retention properties for the plant. This is also a criterion that directly affects the survival rate of orchid nursery plants as well as the growth process of finished products.

The orchid growing medium needs to be porous, breathable, water-holding as well as well-drained, the size is not too heavy. Therefore, some of the best Phalaenopsis orchid growing media are perlite, fern bark, peat, white moss, etc. These media need to remove all pathogenic bacteria and provide nutrients first. when planting trees.

2.3. How to take care of baby phalaenopsis orchids
The care of baby phalaenopsis orchid needs a lot of effort and meticulousness of the flower player, especially during the growing period. Light conditions, humidity, environment as well as nutrient content for plants.

In terms of light, seedlings need the most ideal light with a temperature of 18 degrees C or from 18 – 30 degrees C. Do not expose plants to direct sunlight. When planting seedlings, it is recommended to wrap two layers of netting for better growth.

Next, in terms of humidity, Phalaenopsis orchids are a type of plant with good heat tolerance, suitable for tropical conditions. However, caring for the plant with enough moisture will help the plant grow better, so water it in the morning.

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