Every Available Locker Code (October 2022)


Free rewards of cards and Series packs are granted to players who redeem the five available myFaction Locker Codes for the month of October 2022.

Within the over-the-top performances of wrestling entertainment offered by Visual Concepts in WWE 2K22, Locker Codes grant players free rewards through items such as Signature Series Packs and Characters during October 2022. As was the case in every WWE 2K22 Locker Code in September, there are five available codes this month that may be of interest to players looking to elevate their bombastic experience in this annual entry to the series. Although Emerald-rarity characters in WWE 2K22 do not show up easily, players should look to use these codes as soon as possible before such an opportunity escapes their grapple before the countdown.


When looking to redeem Locker Codes in WWE 2K22, the myFaction mode has the option after being selected on the main menu. The Codes themselves need to be entered exactly as listed, with no spaces and correct capitalization. A feature that hasn’t changed much throughout the series, Locker Codes have continuously given players methods to unlock nearly every character in WWE 2K22. Although Virtual Currency (VC) helps purchase exact wrestlers players might want, receiving a few for free through Locker Codes helps keep gameplay fresh through new items without the grind for that in-game currency.

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Players searching for new updates to Locker Codes should follow the official Twitter account of the WWE 2K22 team or see related messages in the appropriate Reddit page attached to the game. Locker Codes typically do not last throughout the month; inputting them quickly to receive rewards fast is a must. There have been occasions where other players share Codes they don’t want through the Reddit page, but players shouldn’t rely on others to maximize their enjoyment of the improved moves and physics of WWE 2K22.

WWE 2K22 Locker Codes That Work in October 2022

Locker Code Redeemable Reward(s)
  • Players redeem a Signature Series Pack when unlocking this Code reward.
  • The reward for using this Code is a Triple H Emerald Managers Card.
  • Using this Code unlocks a 65 Drew Gulak Emerald Card.
  • Redeeming this Code grants players a Signature Series Pack x2 and a Silver Fighting Spirit Sideplate ×1.
  • Players that redeem this Code receive Emerald Cards for Drew McIntyre and Sasha Banks and a Gold Card for Randy Orton.

Evolution Cards in WWE 2K22 are perhaps the most direct rewards this month; they are worth picking up for players to put into myFaction immediately for level-ups. Building points in myFaction becomes much easier if players have more tools, and Locker Codes help in that regard. Even if the codes here are limited according to sites like Gamer Tweak, some of these codes have carried over from the previous month, so there is a possibility that they may be recycled again going into November. Whichever the case, the Locker Codes for October 2022 play a key role alongside Starting Out, Proving Grounds, and the Towers present in myFaction, giving players more options to explore those aspects of the game without having to dive into WWE 2K22‘s Season Pass.


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