Bigg Boss 13’s Himanshi Khurana opens up on tying the knot with Asim Riaz: We’re in no hurry; a relationship needs time

In an interview, Himanshi Khurana of Bigg Boss 13 fame opened up on her relationship with Asim Riaz, wedding plans, projects together and more. Himanshi Khurana first met Asim Riaz inside the house of Bigg Boss 14 where in she was a wildcard entrant and he a housemate.Bigg Boss 13's Himanshi Khurana opens up on tying the knot with Asim Riaz: We’re in no hurry; a relationship needs time

Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana have been going strong for almost a year now. The two met last year inside Bigg Boss’ house last season. Model-turned-actor Aseem Riaz liked it at first sight. Being from a conservative family, Himanshi Khurana takes his sweet time to become convinced of Aseem’s feelings.
They eventually fell in love with Aseem Riaz’s attraction and announced their love for each other on national television. However, there were many who termed their relationship as fake and also alleged that all this was a publicity stunt for the show.
But amidst all the negativity, Aseem Riaz and Himanshi Khurana were strong together. They are both focused on their work now. Recently Himanshi Khurana planned a wedding with Aseem Riyaz.

Himanshi said how people will handle their relationship. Himanshi Khurana, furthering the wedding plan, said, “Pehle Logan had our relationship with Shake, now speaking all this (earlier people were doubting our relationship and now they ask us to tie the knot).” We are in no hurry. We are still paying attention to our work and to each other. Our community and religion are different. Our families are happy for us, but a respite needs time, “he said, reports Hindustan Times.”

She went on to praise Asim Riyaz by saying, “She has struggled hard to be where she is today. She takes time to open up and doesn’t talk much. Toh logon ko lagta hai unme attitude hai. In fact, there is limitless. Care, love and support. If he is ordering food for himself, he also orders food for his family in Jammu and my family in Chandigarh. “

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The actress approached together for music videos and projects. Discussing the same, Himanshi said, “We get a lot of offers to work together, but it’s not like we only want to work with each other. There is no such situation in our relationship. We Neither discuss social media. ” Yes, we like to interact with our fans and share our thoughts with them. “

Himanshi also revealed that she was about to do a Bollywood project with Aseem, but was pushed by the epidemic. He also rejected a project requiring him to perform intimate scenes. “There are short films, Punjabi TV shows and Hindi web series, for which I am in talks. I am very clear that I cannot do intimate scenes. I have said that there is no project because of that.Aseem and I were actresses to do a Bollywood project, but that too was pushed due to the epidemic.

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