Bhakshak Movie Review and Collection

In the gripping film “Bhakshak,” directed by Pulkit and currently streaming on Netflix, the audience is confronted with a stark choice that many individuals face at a certain point in their lives – to either get tactically involved in a social cause or look the other way. The narrative revolves around the characters Vaishali Singh, played by Bhumi Pednekar, and her colleague Basar Sahu, portrayed by the incredible Sanjay Mishra, as they navigate a treacherous path of uncovering a heinous crime in the fictional town of Manavur Bihar.

The story delves into the unchecked abuse of power, as Sharma, Gupta, and Tagi rise to various designations in a system that leads to chaos. Inspired by a real-life tragedy in 2018, the film doesn’t shy away from addressing the sensitive issue of sexual abuse, particularly involving minors. While the names, places, and likenesses have been changed, the film remains close to the painful reality of an unspeakable tragedy that saw little follow-up in the national media.

Bhakshak introduces us to Vaishali Singh, played by Bhumi Pednekar, a journalist who transforms into an accidental activist after asking one crucial question. The film meticulously portrays the layers of systemic indemnity that perpetuate injustice, with Vaishali Singh realizing the near-impossible task ahead. The narrative highlights the ickiness of journalists becoming the story, as Vali strives to make the truth go viral on social media.

The formidable ADI Shrivastav embodies the character of Bansi Sahu, an embodiment of evil who uses his position as a journalist and NGO runner to exploit victims and perpetuate injustice. The film sets up a David versus Goliath tale, emphasizing the challenges faced by honest journalism against the old guard that went unchallenged.

While Bhakshak may occasionally flirt with voyeurism, the film’s simplistic yet effective writing delivers a powerful message. The director, Pulkit, asserts that cinema cannot be an agent of change. However, the film itself seems to arise from a place of pain, advocating for justice and societal change.

In a world where power must have purpose, Bhakshak asks its viewers to be brave, raising questions about the purpose of storytelling. The film challenges the audience to reflect on whether it serves as entertainment or a call to action. As Bhumi looks straight into the camera and asks viewers if they feel pain when others do, Bhakshak prompts us to consider the power and purpose of storytelling in fostering change.

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Bhakshak Movie Cast

Bhumi PednekarVaishali Singh
Sanjay MishraBaskar Sinha
Sai TamhankarSSP Jasmeet Kaur
Aditya SrivastavaBansi Sahu
Surya SharmaArvind Singh
Durgesh KumarGuptaji
Chittaranjan TripathyMithilesh Sinha
Tanisha MehtaSudha Kumari

Bhakshak Movie Collection

As of today, February 10, 2024, it’s not possible to share the one-day collection of “Bhakshak” since it was released on Netflix on February 9th and Netflix doesn’t publicly disclose individual movies’ viewership numbers. This means, unlike box office collections for theatrical releases, information about a film’s performance on streaming platforms like Netflix remains largely unavailable.

While specific numbers aren’t available, some sources like Cinefry predict Bhakshak earned approximately 20 crore rupees, which includes the film’s total budget. However, this is just an estimation and doesn’t reflect the film’s performance on its first day of release alone.

While exact viewership numbers might be unavailable, you can look for reviews, audience reactions, and articles discussing the film’s popularity to get a general sense of how well it’s doing.

Bhakshak Movie Trailer

In conclusion, “Bhakshak” is a compelling and thought-provoking film, scoring high on its portrayal of characters, societal issues, and the complex interplay of power. On a scale of 1 to 10, Bhakshak receives a solid recommendation, with a special shout-out to actor Durgesh Kumar for his impactful performance. As we explore dispatches from the Berlin Film Festival, subscribe for more insights and discussions on the world of cinema. Thank you for stopping by.

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