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Best Courses to Study In USA

Top courses to study in the United States: When the topic of study abroad comes up in any conversation, the USA is the first name on everyone’s lips. The reason is obvious. With nearly 10,00,000 international students enrolled at its various universities, the United States stands out as far as global education is concerned. Whether it is a wide variety of options or flexibility in programs, American universities continue to attract an ever-increasing mass of foreign students.
Once you decide to study in the USA, you need to find out what you will study. In this article, we are bringing to you the top five courses that international students are adopting in the US and provide the most opportunities in terms of professional development.

Before we take you into the small print of the highest courses to review within the us and why they attract students, the table below will assist you understand briefly about the top 5 courses that the United States Popular among international students in:

Top programs for study in the United States:

Business Management: With over 20% of international students pursuing the course, business management surpasses all other fields that are the most sought after program and therefore among the top courses to study in the United States Is one of Of course, the United States has ample reasons for international students to take up programs at their universities. The country claims the maximum number of universities to be listed in the top business school rankings by FT and The Economist. Seven American business schools are among the top 10 business schools by FT. In fact, names like Harvard, Wharton, Columbia are enough to excite students who dream of becoming business leaders. Talking about business leaders, did you know that 22 graduates of Harvard are among the FT500 leaders? The US, being the world’s largest economy, also plays a large role in ensuring that students have a significant number of job opportunities. Not only in the American market, an MBA degree from a top notch university in the US is held in high regard in all countries.

Top 5 Business Schools in USA

Engineering: The STEM subject, of which engineering is a part, is a rage among international students in the United States. In terms of numbers, international engineering students are second with 196,750 students. Like business schools, the US topped it with the maximum number of engineering colleges in the top 10 rankings by QS. In fact, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is known as the most sought-after engineering college in the world and regularly tops the ranking list. In addition, the MS which is a research-oriented masters degree offered by the majority of American universities is the most searched for program among international students. Of course, engineering is also the highest paid course in the US and the world with the highest-paid civilians and specialists such as mechanical engineering.

Top 5 Engineering Colleges in USA

Mathematics and Computer Science: Another part of STEM subjects, mathematics and computer science is known to attract the largest number of international students after trade and engineering. STEM constitutes 30% of the total number of international students studying in the United States, making it one of the top courses. Again, names such as MIT, Stanford and Harvard are prominent as top universities for both mathematics and computer science. An additional advantage of studying at American universities is that there is ample scope to explore research opportunities in the country.

Top 5 Computer Science Colleges In USA

Top 5 medical Colleges in USA

Top 5 Economics Colleges in USA