Anupama Today Episode 30-08-2023

Here is the Written Update of What Happened in Anupama Today Episode 30-08-2023. Anupama is Most popular Serial of Star Plus.

Anupama is stressed about Malti Devi’s disappearance and Kavya’s problems.

Anupama is worried sick about Malti Devi, who has been missing from Gurukul for several days. She has been searching everywhere for her, but she has not been able to find her.

Anupama is also concerned about Kavya, who is having problems in her marriage with Vanraj. Kavya is feeling neglected and unloved, and she is thinking about leaving Vanraj.

Anuj tries to calm her down and tells her not to forget herself in the process.

Anuj sees how stressed Anupama is, and he tries to comfort her. He tells her that she needs to take care of herself, too, and that she can’t pour all of her energy into helping others.

Anuj blindfolds Anupama and asks her to take a deep breath and forget all of her problems. Anupama does as he says, and she feels a little better afterwards.

Anupama learns that Nakul has backstabbed Malti Devi.

Later, Anupama learns from Samar that Nakul has been sabotaging Malti Devi’s efforts to get her adoption approved. Nakul is jealous of Malti Devi’s relationship with Anupama, and he wants to see her fail.

Anupama is shocked and disgusted by Nakul’s behavior. She can’t believe that he would do something so cruel to a child.

Anuj tells Anupama that they can’t change anyone’s destiny.

Anuj knows how upset Anupama is about Nakul’s betrayal, but he tries to console her. He tells her that they can’t change anyone’s destiny, and that they need to accept that Malti Devi may never be adopted.

Anupama is upset by Anuj’s words, but she knows that he is right. She wishes she could help Malti Devi, but she knows that it is out of her hands.

Anupama Today Episode 30-08-2023

Anupama goes to the temple where she used to pray for Malti Devi.

Anupama is feeling lost and hopeless, so she decides to go to the temple where she used to pray for Malti Devi. She hopes that she can find some answers there.

Anupama prays to God to help her find Malti Devi and to help Kavya and Vanraj with their problems. She also prays for strength and guidance.

The episode ends with Anupama sitting in the temple, hoping for answers.

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